Thursday, July 5, 2007

Blog, blog, blog.........rosi

Well, lots of things underway and and getting everyone to start using this blog is only part of it. The film training is going really well and as I'm busy working in another part of the media workshop its great to hear the group discussing and debating the process of making short film clips together. Its also great to see all the energy buzzing around the place and hear all the laughing as they argue about the 'song of the day' and lame youtube videos......mmm...skivers! Anyway, the video diaries are well underway and the clips will be a great way of seeing the changes as the project develops. It was lovely to see the confidence of the team at the Gala Dinner last week as they used the film equipment unselfconsciously. Darren had to eat his posh dinner very fast though.

Planning Ahead
Next big task for the Media Group and RAID (aside from the trip itself...coming up very fast)is to start planning how to promote the finished film in early 2008. Lots of ideas in hand and a MediaBox workshop in Newcastle later this month for the trainers to discuss them at. Great feeling of support at the moment.

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