Monday, July 2, 2007

Gala Filming

Today we looked over the material filmed at the dinner gala to establish a short clip of the main features of the event. We managed to get a reasonable amount of usefull shots that could be used in the editing process and managed to express some unique ideas of how we intended to make the film. We're particulary proud of a scene where we choreographed a tracking shot whereby we followed glasses from members of the gala, leading us to a final point in the centre of the room in which the gala was held.

The shots fit together reasonably well and we felt that they established the purpose of the short, which was to give a general idea of the event. We found the sound part of the short the hardest to organise due to lack of continuous sound, but managed to solve the problem though looping background sounds over the shots, which worked well. We should be able to complete the short in our next meeting.

Song of the day: Torn - Natalie Imbruglia
Video of the day: Japaneese Tetris TV show

By Shane

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An Inconvenient Truth said...

Good to see you felt positive about some of the shots. Can't wait to see the choreographed champagne glass one. If it's any good, please upload it!!