Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Post from Germany

Hi from across the water. I met Peter from the Bremen Media Workshop yesterday, and we are going to explore the idea of producing short stories about everyday life here for the "Open Channel", a local TV station. You can see something of them at http://www.ok-bremen.de/ho/ho/home.php

I mentioned the RAID project, and all your wonderful work, and there is an interest in screening shorts from the project if it were possible to make them. As a start, I suspect the story about Grace's ballet school would go down well, with maybe a longer interview with Grace about the school, her love of ballet, and a couple more of the shots of the school we did the other week. They are looking for 5 minute shorts. Let me know if you're interested. Maybe a series about some of the young people going to Lesotho would be good to make for the RAID project anyway, and not too difficult to organise?

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