Friday, August 3, 2007

It's My Life

Yes, that's right! Yet more filming practice was undertaken this week by us lot, when we all piled into the Arts Centre and worked with a group of children and young people who were on a scriptwriting course.
Specially comissioned as well! Getting some money out of this hopefully, as well as practice and recognition.
So! The idea was that a load of children would write scripts about their (or somebody else's) lives, and then we'd all come in and help them edit the writing for film. Yesterday and today we actually shot the parts for three short films about ghosts, vampires, dragons and winged demons (and tarot cards, fake blood and really dramatic makeup), and we'll be editing them together next week. The films will be made into DVDs for kids and parents, and RAID and the Media Group will be credited. Which is nice!
Time for some photos then?

Our new director, Adam:

more to follow...

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